Welcome to the new Members Section of the FLA website. This article Is designed exclusively for company employees engaged in claims handling and underwriting of fidelity bonds and policies.

As a member you have access to all of the FLA Journal articles which you can download and print. Subject matter is searchable by the titles of the articles. More importantly, as a member you can participate directly in the organization by voting for the Officers, volunteering to serve on a committee or in the planning for our Annual Conference and engaging with your peers. All of these benefits are described in the About Membership link.

The Members Section is a work in progress and the goal over time is to provide additional information that you will find helpful in performing your job. As you access the various parts of the Members Section, please feel free to provide your thoughts and suggestions on the type of information you would find helpful and consider how you can become more actively involved in the FLA.

Benefits of Membership

  • Ability to search and print past Journal articles
  • Ability to search articles using key words in the article titles
    • i.e. the member could use the search words “employee dishonesty” in the title would appear
  • On-line voting for Officers of the Association
  • Access to Membership Roster
  • Access to most recent FLA Conference Attendee List
  • Ability to go in and edit your profile
  • Ability to:
    • Recommend Topics for future FLA Conference
    • Volunteer to be a speaker at the Annual Conference
  • Volunteer to be a speaker at the Annual Conference
  • Volunteer Section: Right to Nominate, Serve, and Vote for:
    • FLA Officers
    • Elective Members of the Executive Committee
  • Registration Link to future FLA Conferences
  • Ability to complete On-Line Surveys put out by FLA leadership
  • Being a member qualifies you to become a committee member